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The World's Best Consultant

The P&P has been established in the summer of 2021 in New York virtually from Brussels to deliver a High-Level Client Experience to all our Friends, regardless of whether they are in New York or any other place of the world.

Virtual consultations & projects are one-button away, and our reach is uncompromised.


High-Level Elite Solution

For Billionaires, Elites, Fortunes 500 CEOs

Your All-Inclusive Access to the World's Best Consultant.

Get Access to the Only High-Level Consultant and Coach in the World.

High-Level Business, Political, and Lifestyle Advising, Consulting, and Coaching.

Negotiation Services included.

High-Level Business Solution

For Entrepreneurs.

Your Access to the World's Best Business Advisor, Coach, and Consultant.

We Advise on how to identify Opportunities. We Advise on how to think Bigger. We focus on what matters most. We Advise on Leveraging Resources, whether Tangible or Intangible. Success is achieved by identifying the Right Resources, People, and Technology.

We Think on a High-Level. We help You Transform. We think Different.

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High-Level Political Solution

For High-Level Decision-Makers

Your Access to the World's Best Political Consultant.  

We help Leaders identify opportunities, resources, strengths and weaknesses.

We help You to solve problems.

We help You to communicate with Stakeholders.

We help You to change.

High-Level Investment Opportunity Solution

For High-Level Investors

Achieve Your Wildest Dreams.

We supply the World's Next Unicorns. We have a portfolio of High-Potential Ideas. From Millions to Billions in Investment Opportunities. We form Joint-Ventures with our Clients. We provide on-going Entrepreneurial Consulting and Coaching. If applicable, we provide the Founder, and You provide the Investment, People, and Technology.


High-Level Lifestyle Solution

For Elites.

Achieve Life Success.

We Advise the World's Elite with Lifestyle. We are the World's Only High-Level Lifestyle Advisor, Consultant and Coach. You do not need to go to the World's Most Exclusive Destinations to Achieve Life Success. You may need to go to the World's Secret Locations.

High-Level Negotiation Solution

For High-Level Executives

Your Access to the World's Best Negotiator.

We provide Exclusive Negotiation Services for our Members. Whether you need Business Negotiation Services, Political Negotiation Services or Top Negotiation Services in general, with Your High-Level Negotiation One-Stop you get access to the Best the World has to offer.

72h Notice Rapid Crisis Negotiation Services On Request

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High-level Intelligence Solution

For Billionaires, High-Level Executives, Presidents.

Your Exclusive Access to the World's Best Intelligence Solution*.

You can Consult Us for Your Top Intelligence needs. We analyze your sensitive situation on a High-Level and provide you Recommendations on Next Steps. We can assemble a World-Class Intelligence Team to Implement, Execute, and Complete Top Intelligence Operations.

72h Notice Rapid Crisis Intelligence Services On Request.

*This Solution does not include hardware or software intelligence resources. That is beyond the scope of this Solution. Soft advice is given. For hard security needs, we may recommend Hyperion. We are, however, not affiliated with them in any way. You should perform due dilligence before taking any action involving sensitive security issues.

High-Level Partnership Solution

For Worldwide Partners

Become part of the World's Only High-Level Club.

Are you the Best Company in your industry? Are you the Best Expert in your field?

Are you Talented, Skilled, Focused?

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