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Top Intelligence Consulting

We provide the World's Best Private Intelligence Services to our Very Very Special Clients (VVIP). Our Clients include Billionaires, High-Level Executives, and Presidents.

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The World's Only Urgent Intelligence Services

The World's Best Intelligence Services is Available with Worldwide Coverage. 72h Notice. We may assemble a team consisting of our CEO and Top Intelligence Experts from our Worldwide Partners. 

Please put URGENT as subject to


Special Operations

Guerilla Intelligence. Special Operations. Top Intelligence.

From New York to London. From South America to Moscow. From the Middle East to Europe. From Earth to Space If Requested.

You can Expect the World's Most Extraordinary Special Operations from Us.

High-Level Intelligence Membership


Access the World's Best Intelligence Services

Intelligence Services are normally reserved for Governments. We are the only Private Intelligence Agency in the World serving both Governments, Corporate Clients, and Private Intelligence Requestors.

Detect the Hidden. Be Intelligent in every situation. Gather Data. Conduct Interviews. Protect Your Interests. Protect Your Position.

Get Access to the Most Exclusive Intelligence Services in the World.

High-Level Intelligence Membership


Intelligence Services for Billionaires, Presidents, High-Profile Companies

Gather Intelligence. Analyze Situations. Collect Data. Brainstorm. Make Intelligent Decisions based on Top Intelligence Services. Identify Resources. Coordinate Actions among Stakeholders. Special Operations Services. Be one step ahead of Competitors. Be one step ahead of States. Be one step ahead of the World.

High-Level Intelligence Membership