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Top Executive Management Consulting, Coaching & Training in New York City (NYC)

Best Executive Management Coach in New York

Our CEO has been the world's best business & diplomatic coach since he started the P&P in New York in the summer of 2021. Why? Because he strives for excellence like nobody else on the planet. New York's top executives can trust us. Just try. We diagnose your walls and break them.

Do you prefer to be the first one that is transformed, or the last one?

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Best Executive Coach in New York

Top Management Coach in NYC

Our Founder is equipped with a Master of Science in Business Administration with Distinction & Specializations in Negotiation & Sales from top world-class institutions. He has travelled to many places around the world and is cross-cultural. He speaks 6 world languages. He loves challenges. He loves New York City, and that is why this company is born. Top management we are ready!

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Top Executive Coaching in New York

Fortunes 500

Wall Street's Best Executive Coach

SMEs, NGOs & Government

New York City's Best Business Coach

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Top Entrepreneurial Consulting in New York City

Get Quality Service from the Best Entrepren...

Embassies & International Organizations

Diplomatic Consulting for Embassies in Washington D.C. & International Organizations in New York

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Top Management Executive Coaching in New York City

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New York's Best Business Coach for Businesses. We are ready tocoach Wall Street & Times Square.

Do you want to be the last leader or the first leader to get access to NYC's best Remote Ultra VIP Global Top Strategic Management Creative Consultant, Trainer, Coach?

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Top Executive Coaching in New York City

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What is the Price of a Top Executive Coach in New York?

The price of a top executive coach in New York depends on 1) the quality of coach 2) the coaching time 3) the quality of the service

The price of a top executive coach in NYC is 5,321 USD per 3 hours excl. VAT at The Princess & Prince Int. Co. LLC. The coaching sessions are executed through digital communication channels. Via Whatsapp Business for example. Encrypted for your security needs. If the fee is too high, get a discount of 1,000 USD for every paying referral. Valid till offer is withdrawn. No profit shares or other hidden costs, unless in lieu of a consultation a project is requested. Pre-Payment happens 40% before the Consultation via bank transfer to the Company's US bank account.

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